Danny Drew’s Statement On Senator John McCain’s Cancer Diagnosis:

As we have all heard by now Senator John McCain’s was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Words can’t explain what he and his family are going through. My heart and prayers goes out to Senator McCain and his family.

A hero is not based on ones political leanings or philosophy’s. Only a hero would choose to be treated like his men in a POW camp.

A hero, stands up against torture, even to the president of the United States.

A hero can see the importance of normal
decorum and procedures in the US Senate over partisanship.

A hero, will defend his/her political opponent against untrue and hateful attacks.

These are all the things that make our democracy wonderful. These are all things I think of when I think of John McCain!

Thank you Senator McCain. God bless, and may God grant you a speedy, healthy, and full recovery

-Danny Drew

Danny Drew
Mobile: 435-714-0482
Website: https://www.drewforutah.con

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